Friday, August 14, 2009

Long time no see!

Hello all. Sorry about the long absence- i have eally been very busy.

So first thing is first- i need to do a bit of a brain dump about school (a brain dump is my loverly mum's terms for just writing everything you have in your mind).
It was my birthday on Thursday, and that was the day when i felt that i was really beginning to fit in. I had only been at the school for 4 weeks, and yet when i got on the bus there was a girl with a large box of chocolates (favorites) for me. then, when i got to school, all my friends were waiting near the bus terminal, with presents, all wrapped up, in their hands. I managed to gather another ox of favorites, and box of roses (chocolates), a box of lindt chocolates, a perfume, a bracelet and $20. All this meant so incredibly much to me, just because it was a sort of sign that they liked me, and that i was fitting in alright.
While im on the topic- i got lots for my birthday- ill post some pics later. But i did buy a pair of gorgeous, retro doc martens from the op shop- $20!! I had been searching forever, and then these babies found me and we're inseparable!
So i think i am finally fitting in, even though i am am a year older. Cant remember whether i have
said anything about it, but i had to be a year older here because in Wa children finish school when they're 17, but in melbourne they finish when they're 18. so i was in year 9 in melbourne, but now again in Perth, because otherwise i would be getting ready for my exams in ears 11 and 12, and i have done the preparation that the people here my age would have. (i'm not sure if any of that made any sense...)

On a completely different note, i have had an idea, provoked by a comment The Glamourous Housewife left me a while back, and that was that i have some absolutely gorgeous clothes that i just don't know how to wear. So my idea was to post photos of clothes liek that, and get people to leave comments with ideas. many people i know love that sort of thing, and hopefully i can get some great help from you guys! So look out for my next post- i can't wait!

Until then, look after yourselves!
Love and live light!


Apple Daisy Girl said...

im so happy that your fitting in and happy birthday, still missing you over here in mMelbourne but im happy because your happy :) what colour are your docs, lucky girl, you always did find the best things :)

xx. A

L.O.L.A said...

heey :)
thats so so good that you've made some nice friends, even though i wish you were here!
can't wait to see you in september!!! what colour are your docs?? i got some too the other day :) i made a proper blog today :) follow me?
xxx missss youu sooooo much!

Linda said...

Oh yes! I do find the pictures amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog.....hope to see you again soon ;)
Love yours too and will for sure follow and come back!
Linda - Lost in Switzerland