Friday, July 17, 2009

Secrets, Jeans and Mary Janes

Hello all- I hope your having a wonderful day.

Well last night went to my cousin's house to sleep over; they were having a "Welcome back to Perth" sort of celebration. I made the best chocolate cake ever- really rich and dark, with really nice chocolate icing. And we went for a swim in our local lap pool just before, which was annoying seeing as it is winter, but i need to make sure i am keeping up my fitness. I haven't swum in over a week- that must be some sort of record for me! (i swim 5 days a week, soon to be 8)

I am still searching for my perfect Bettina Liano jeans, and i also want more shoes. Goodness, i love shoes. My mum is being very strict , saying "they can't be more than 2 cm high...", but i will get around her eventually. I cant wait till i can wear sky high heels. *sigh*

They dont look very nice in the pictures, but they are a very slimming colour and flattering cut. So yeah, these are them; the Bettina Liano Ace jeans. I have found around 4 second hand pairs in op-shops, all under $20, but they are NEVER my size! It is so annoying! And the kind of shoes that I want are Mary Janes. I love mary janes- they are clean cut and really pretty. Or boots. I like boots.

Now i want to share a secret. I have never told a soul- its too embarrasing. I have a major aspiration. I have a dream of what i want to be when i grow up. Those that know me would probably laugh (and will probably laugh) if they read or knew this, but here it is: I would love to be a model. There, i said it. I think it would be the best job there is- wearing beautiful clothes, meeting beautiful people, I think i would enjoy it immensly. But there is know way i could ever be one. But there is my secret, and i am glad i have finally said it to someone (or the world...)

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. In Perth, Australia, it rained all night and all day. I hope other places are getting better weather!

For now, until tommorrow (when i look back over this post and read over what i have written and probably die of emmbarrasment...)
Love and live light!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My interview...

Well, as promised, i must talk about my interview. And I must say it did go well (except for a tiny incident in the middle of it when my phone rang. To make it worse the ringtone was Amy Winehouse- not a good look when i am trying to get into a Christian high school...) Everyone was welcoming; the principle came out to meet us and everything. I will still miss my old school and friends, but i hope that i am able to make some new friends (unfortunately not one of my strengths- i am a bit shy around new people)

There are a few problems with the school, however. It will be a 40 minute bus ride from our house, to get there, and then another 40mins to get home. That adds up to a lot of travelling time per day, and a lot of potential study time being taken away.

The other is that because W.A is on a different education scheme to Victoria (where i moved from) i should be in year 10 in perth, but i was in year 9 in melourne. I know that most teenagers would jump to the opportunity of missing a whole year of school, but it is a long time, and a lot of work for me to miss out on. And plus the students my age are preparing for their year 11 and 12 exams, and getting ready for university, where i havent had any of the pre-preperation that they have... so in short i will have to be a year older than anyone. Its not like i am not good at schooling- i get reasponably good results, so they are going to put me in advanced math and stuff. Oh well, we'll see how it goes.
But thats why i am really worried about making friends: if the people i will be with are anything like the students of the same age at my old school, i may as well sit by myself from the first day!

We'll see how it goes.

What am i doing, rambling on like this? This is supposed to be a fashion blog, not somewhere for me to talk about my problems.

This afternoon i will make another post, i have decided, and make it completely to do with fashion: not even one word regarding this post. Yes; thats what i'll do!

Love and live light!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting Dressed: A Daily Struggle

Another post. And I'm constantly checking my dashboard. I am getting obsessive with blogging. I am constantly thinking of things that i can post which look worthwhile reading (does that make sense...?) and i have so many things that i want to write, but don't know what to say!

I am, at this moment, pondering what I should wear to my interview at my new school. As The Glamorous Housewife said, "Why do I look the best on days when I don't have anything planned?" And I am wondering why when i have hardly any time i can never think what to wear; even though i have a closet full of beautiful clothes. None of it will do- i either wear it too often, don't know how to wear it, or simply don't want to. So i am stuck. Anybody have any foolproof outfits that are easy to put together? Help would once again be appreciated...

Well, I'm going off now to get dressed for my interview, and I will tell all about it later.
For now, love and live light!

Ace jeans, shopping and Alannah Hill

Somehow we got to 3 shopping centres today. Although the many opportunities for me to buy a new pair of jeans, i didn't seem to find anything to my liking. If would greatly appreciate it if someone could let me know of any Bettina Liano shops in W.A, or just in Australia- i have been looking for ages for my perfect pair of ace-jeans!

I thought i would attach some photos from a few Allanah Hill fashion shoots that i really like. So here goes:

Isn't she just georgous? And I love that hairpiece!

More to die for hair pieces, beautiful colours and georgous clothing.

And, well, what can i say? More pink, pretty headpieces, beautiful clothes and...more pink. But who doesn't like a good lot of pink?

Until next time:
Love and live light!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Beginning

There is all of us: A big happy family

My second post. I can't believe i have gotten this far! Last night i fiddled with the header- what do you think? It took me ages but i still dont think i am happy with it.
Not to worry- i will just...fiddle. More.

Above are some photos from my last day of school in Melbourne. I have just moved interstate, and will be starting my new school soon. I am so scared, and excited, but mostly missing my friends in Melbourne, who would be at school right now. So I post my favourite photos, and along with them goes many happy memories.
Remember to Love and live light!

Kat x

Starting Off

If you are reading this then most likely, by terrible luck, you have found my blog.
Well, here is the start of something ridiculous. I desperatley want to make my blog look great, read great and be great, but there is a problem. I dont know how. I dont know how to do anything!
And yet here is my first post.

So i ask you to please hold on, and read my blogs to come, and be patient with my slow learning. At the moment, as you can see, there really is nothing to see. But soon there will be. I hope.

Love and Live Light,