Friday, July 17, 2009

Secrets, Jeans and Mary Janes

Hello all- I hope your having a wonderful day.

Well last night went to my cousin's house to sleep over; they were having a "Welcome back to Perth" sort of celebration. I made the best chocolate cake ever- really rich and dark, with really nice chocolate icing. And we went for a swim in our local lap pool just before, which was annoying seeing as it is winter, but i need to make sure i am keeping up my fitness. I haven't swum in over a week- that must be some sort of record for me! (i swim 5 days a week, soon to be 8)

I am still searching for my perfect Bettina Liano jeans, and i also want more shoes. Goodness, i love shoes. My mum is being very strict , saying "they can't be more than 2 cm high...", but i will get around her eventually. I cant wait till i can wear sky high heels. *sigh*

They dont look very nice in the pictures, but they are a very slimming colour and flattering cut. So yeah, these are them; the Bettina Liano Ace jeans. I have found around 4 second hand pairs in op-shops, all under $20, but they are NEVER my size! It is so annoying! And the kind of shoes that I want are Mary Janes. I love mary janes- they are clean cut and really pretty. Or boots. I like boots.

Now i want to share a secret. I have never told a soul- its too embarrasing. I have a major aspiration. I have a dream of what i want to be when i grow up. Those that know me would probably laugh (and will probably laugh) if they read or knew this, but here it is: I would love to be a model. There, i said it. I think it would be the best job there is- wearing beautiful clothes, meeting beautiful people, I think i would enjoy it immensly. But there is know way i could ever be one. But there is my secret, and i am glad i have finally said it to someone (or the world...)

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. In Perth, Australia, it rained all night and all day. I hope other places are getting better weather!

For now, until tommorrow (when i look back over this post and read over what i have written and probably die of emmbarrasment...)
Love and live light!


Apple Daisy Girl said...

my socks are from forever new and i miss you to, school is boring without you :(

xx. A

Denise said...

i dont have a decent pair of pants. I always put holes on them. hihihii.

but that pants is so cute. it can pair with anything.

have a great day!

The Glamorous Housewife said...

You know, there are other ways to travel the world, wear beautiful clothes and meet the faboosh. You could become a makeup artist, a costume designer, fashion designer(though they don't travel as much as one would think). You could also become a personal assistant to a star. I live in Los Angeles and I met a ton of personal assistants when I was in my 20's. You have to give up your life for your boss, but it can be so fun.

However, with all that said, if I was you I would read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It isn't about modeling or beauty, but it IS about how to create wealth, and if you have money you can just BUY the clothing and travel to where ever you want. The book changed my life when I was about 25 and I tell everyone I know about it.

kirstyb said...

Great jeans xoxox

yourstokeep said...

do you have clothes you want to sell?
but dont want to make pesky accounts and use ebay?
You can sell and shop here!

Yours to Keeep

Leia said...

I hope one day your dream comes true! :)

becca. said...

gorgeous jeans!
i hope you archieve all your dreams.
if you believe you can do it!
lovely blog :)
come and check out mine sometime.

kirra scotland said...

heeey kat,

you shouldn't be embarrassed about wanting to be a model- you're beautiful and you should always follow your dreams :)

xx love kirra

Stacy said...

hope you find your jeans, they're cute! and heels no more than 2 cm? i can't even imagine that!

i want cake... right now haha

Maverick Malone said...

I actually really, really like these :)

xox, mavi