Friday, November 27, 2009

somebody's got a little secret...

How pretty is that jumper? The cherries hang off! Ha ha really pretty :)
So i have been very busy recently. Shopping, school, studying, swimming... and not much apart from them :) i cant remember the last time i saw my friends out of school, and i have only spoken to my best friend once in around 2 months. it has been so hectic. but only 3 and a half days left of school, so its okaaayy.
I am setting up my mums blog at the moment (see post below) so i have to be off, but i look forward to reading your blogs soon!

Love and Live Light!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hello all :)
well i am super dooper excited because my mum has just decided to make a blog about our family and stuff for our relatives and things, so a big shout out to her :)
there's not much to the blog at the moment because she really only just made it about 5 minutes ago, but she has asked me for my help (or more i said i would help, or rather take over :) so it will be a fantastic and exciting new project for me!
Haven't been getting much done recently- just been studying. my first exam is tomorrow, so i have lots to do, but i am doing this in a study break so its o-k-a-y...
By the way, my first exam is science hence the title... sorry about that- its getting drummed into my brain ;)
okay well off to learn the periodic table and look up the kinetic theory! see you all soon
Love and Live Light!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time will not hold us

Love the bright colours of this picture!
Sorry to all my 26 followers- i have still been quite busy and sad recently, hence the lack of posts, but i will try to do more this weekend. Maybe i will post a picture of the dress i bought a month or two ago that i was bragging about- it is honestly the most gorgeous thing i have ever bought (and the price was pretty gorgeous too- $4!!)
so will post something more substantial later. sorry again, and thank you for all the beautiful comments.
Love and live light!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Paper cranes

i love these sort of shots. anything pretty, in the countryside, old fashioned, unusual or pastel coloured actually... im a bit of a sucker for pretty things :)
and why hello 33 followers! keep on coming, i will try not to disappoint!
and thank you my darlings for all the beautiful comments: i am sorry i have not been good at answering them lately :(
thanks loves and i will post again soon!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I want my doc martens to not hurt me anymore

just a nice photo for a nice day :)
a horrible day actually. but yeah.
hope your day's have all been better than mine :)