Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time will not hold us

Love the bright colours of this picture!
Sorry to all my 26 followers- i have still been quite busy and sad recently, hence the lack of posts, but i will try to do more this weekend. Maybe i will post a picture of the dress i bought a month or two ago that i was bragging about- it is honestly the most gorgeous thing i have ever bought (and the price was pretty gorgeous too- $4!!)
so will post something more substantial later. sorry again, and thank you for all the beautiful comments.
Love and live light!


chelsea couture said...

so pink and perfect!

JSotiriou said...

love your header!
+the picture
and waiting for the dress (ONLY $4? omg!)

you have an amazing blog
come check mine too!

Ash Fox said...

gorgeous pic! the colors are nice.

Stevie said...

That pink is gorgeous! And I hate pink. Perfect hue...maybe it helps to be by such lush grass. Great blog. :) Post more.

Becca said...

very paris hilton-esque, love it! x