Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hello all :)
well i am super dooper excited because my mum has just decided to make a blog about our family and stuff for our relatives and things, so a big shout out to her :)
there's not much to the blog at the moment because she really only just made it about 5 minutes ago, but she has asked me for my help (or more i said i would help, or rather take over :) so it will be a fantastic and exciting new project for me!
Haven't been getting much done recently- just been studying. my first exam is tomorrow, so i have lots to do, but i am doing this in a study break so its o-k-a-y...
By the way, my first exam is science hence the title... sorry about that- its getting drummed into my brain ;)
okay well off to learn the periodic table and look up the kinetic theory! see you all soon
Love and Live Light!

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