Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My interview...

Well, as promised, i must talk about my interview. And I must say it did go well (except for a tiny incident in the middle of it when my phone rang. To make it worse the ringtone was Amy Winehouse- not a good look when i am trying to get into a Christian high school...) Everyone was welcoming; the principle came out to meet us and everything. I will still miss my old school and friends, but i hope that i am able to make some new friends (unfortunately not one of my strengths- i am a bit shy around new people)

There are a few problems with the school, however. It will be a 40 minute bus ride from our house, to get there, and then another 40mins to get home. That adds up to a lot of travelling time per day, and a lot of potential study time being taken away.

The other is that because W.A is on a different education scheme to Victoria (where i moved from) i should be in year 10 in perth, but i was in year 9 in melourne. I know that most teenagers would jump to the opportunity of missing a whole year of school, but it is a long time, and a lot of work for me to miss out on. And plus the students my age are preparing for their year 11 and 12 exams, and getting ready for university, where i havent had any of the pre-preperation that they have... so in short i will have to be a year older than anyone. Its not like i am not good at schooling- i get reasponably good results, so they are going to put me in advanced math and stuff. Oh well, we'll see how it goes.
But thats why i am really worried about making friends: if the people i will be with are anything like the students of the same age at my old school, i may as well sit by myself from the first day!

We'll see how it goes.

What am i doing, rambling on like this? This is supposed to be a fashion blog, not somewhere for me to talk about my problems.

This afternoon i will make another post, i have decided, and make it completely to do with fashion: not even one word regarding this post. Yes; thats what i'll do!

Love and live light!


The Glamorous Housewife said...

Can't you use your commute on the bus to read? That would help with your studies. Or if reading while moving makes you car sick, you could always listen to books on tape. I always kind of enjoyed my commute when I was working- it was 40 minutes by myself while I listened to music and just vegged out.

[LA] said...

Your blog looks like a big cupcake! hahaha LOVE IT!

kirstyb said...

Hope it all goes well. The commute isn't that bad just read a book or something. xxx

Anonymous said...

love it!