Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello Dolly!

hello to my 41 followers (still can't believe it!!)
well yesterday was the 11th of december. that day is a busy day for birthdays for me: one of my friends from school, Ebony, has her birthday. And my dad, and my friend from my new schools dad. Its amazing how many people i know have their birthday on that day :)
Well i have done an amazing amount of charity shopping in the last week. Have probably gained around 40 new pieces of clothing in the last fortnight. I need a new wardrobe :):):) I might post some pictures of my favourite things later. Then again i always say that :)
Well i am off to do a bit more tanning, swim a little more in our pool, take some pretty photos and then go out for dinner :) i hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)
Love and Live Light!


Hannah said...

Today's my friends birthday.

KATIA said...

Gah, I need a new wardrobe too. Can't wait to see what you bought :) I love this photo by the way!

Stompface said...

oh I love your blog, and velvet.
and your blog title is about velvet, so it kind of feels a bit like destiny. my best friend once dated a guy named mr velvet, well that wasn't really his name, but apparently his arms were as soft as velvet, so we called him Mr Velvet, which is a little weird now that I say it out loud.
oh too much talky