Saturday, December 19, 2009

We would like to get out of control

This is what i want my house to look like:

I got the pictures from Brunch at Saks (one of my all time favourite blogs). The photos are of stylist Emily Chalmer's house. I love the loft-style feel to the living room, and the openness of it all. I would love a house like this for christmas, Santa!
Haha love and Live Light everyone!


Indie Cindy :) said...

Your blog is really nice :)All the pictures are amazing, I'm going to follow x

Tori said...

These pictures are gorgeous and so inspirational! I love interior decorating. =)

fan fic said...

I wish that was my room!

ariana; said...

thank you for such a lovely comment dear. i visit your blog a lot actually hehe :) it's very beautiful, and i love all of your photos!
if you're not following mine already, would you mind following?

happy holidays! <3

MOLLYKT said...

it's beautiful!

Marielle said...

hey :)
thanks for your lovely comment.
i like your blog too!
bye marielle

. J a m i . x o x said...

Oh yes pleaassseeee!! Its spaces like that, that got me into interior design

Maria Confer said...

This would be a gorgeous place to live in.