Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a mask a day...

Hello All :)
Here are two pictures that i love at the moment: they were some of the ones that i was thinking about using as the header for my mum's blog. But she preferred some other ones, so that was fine :)
Now i have a question: where have all your lovely comments gone? I also read that the girl on http://laceandfrills.blogspot.com/ has had a lack of comments too- what's up??

ha ha well i finish school in 1.5 days, and have officially finished my exams which is a relief. I might post my scores later, but for the moment i'm happy just not thinking about school :)

And thank you to my beautiful 40 followers! I cant believe i have so many, and that so many people can actually be bothered reading about the silly things i have to say :)

Love and Live Light!

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