Thursday, March 4, 2010

please teach me gently how to breathe

well a few days ago i was tagged by the valentine journals to say 7 facts about myself. i am very excited as this is my first ever blog award, so it will probably be bad.. but i will have fun doing it :)

ohh waitt, i just realized i did this just the other day. damnn. well ill try to tell you some new things about myself..

i love the idea of writing on a beach at sunset. im yet to do it because it is quite a dysfunctional time and arrangement, but yeahh. it seems so romantic.

number two. well i often get teased because i cant smile for photos. if i do smile for a photo, it is the same smile every time and it looks stupid. well thats what people say so i believe them, naturally. sort of like my fear of mirrors, if you read my earlier post haha.

i get obsessed with certain songs and i listen to them about fifty million times a day, and then i get sick of them and stop all of a sudden. and i dont listen to it for ages. ahaa thats how i swayy. at the moment its wasted by cartel and islands by the xx. it will be completely different tomorrow.

i cant stand people who are superficial. or superficial and beautiful. i think i already said that one... in my last post like this. its sort of connected to my fear of mirrors......

i used to be obsessed with dice. in primary school. i have so many now, silver with electric blue dots, white ones with metallic pink dots.. i even had a snuggle pillow that was in the shape of a dice. it was pretty random, but my friend Anna and I had a ball with it...

when i get married i want to be in a beautiful, floor length gown, that is completely and one hundred percent "me". i am fifteen and i have already started designing it. is that weird..?

umm... one more...

i named my blog "She Loves Velvet" because i love velvet... and becuase a person who is very special to me told me to choose that name out of a list of ideas that i had made, also including "Wide Eyed Owl" and "Lace Houses".

okayyy, well that was tough :) now time to pass this on.
I am going to tag two blogs that are some of my favourites. I would love to award the girls from "Mad Hatters Bestfriend." and "laceandfrills" the award :)

ahaa thanks dolls and sorry about the not so good answer :) and thankyou to the valentine journals for the award, it was very much appreciated :):):)



Francesca said...

When I was younger, I remember I couldn't smile for photos without squinting my eyes. Ha ha, you saying you couldn't smile for photos just reminded me of that.
I also don't like people who are superficial, it bothers me.

laceandfrills said...

Thanks so much for the award!
I love your blog :)

Valentine said...

a house made of lace, now that's an idea! :) thank you so much for taking the time to do this, i love learning more about people and finding things in common with them.


alissa said...

i like the name of your blog! and its always interesting to find out where people came up with the names

Wendy's Wellies said...

love the pics... you have a great blog!

x wendy