Tuesday, March 16, 2010

who will light the lantern

just a major blog crush ;)
please check her out, she is amazing haha



Praxides said...

Yes she is good!
I didn't know her. Thank you!!

But I have to say your blog is really really beautiful too. Love all the pictures you post!!

I just published some new stuff.

Keep posting!

Fifi Flowers said...

FUN fashion!!!

Margaret said...

oooh nice :)
will definitely be taking a look
great blog!
stop by some time xx

EquestrianPrincess said...

i will check it out, looks lovely(: and im gonna follow you!


Anonymous said...

love these photos! i checked out her blog & i love it too, thanks for the tip!


Style Remains said...

Thanks for the tip off, and for the comment you left me! Great blog :)

Style Remains

beneath the glass said...

I'll definitely check her out! Great blog, I'm following now! Hope you'll follow mine too :)