Wednesday, March 31, 2010

so they ran out of the station and jumped onto a bus

via daydream lily
i really want hair like this.

going down to our holiday house today so this small post will have to tire you lovelies over for a few days..
and a most fond farewell to my most beloved friend Amy; have fun in BALI :):)



Anonymous said...

love the hair! red dosent suit me though. have a great easter! x

mel said...

my gosh thats beautiful... fab colours and i love love love curls!

Alex Dom said...

love the photo!

lovert said...

cute picture!

Without rules said...

Thank's for coment! Nice blog and pics!

Anonymous said...

no farewell to me, nor a plane letter?
aha, love you xxxx

Clara said...

amazing blog
love those pic

kirstyb said...

love the hair too x

Mono S. said...

A hair change is always something fun to work towards: Red seems to be increasingly popular at the mo too, which suits me fine since it's always been my favourite colour *nods*


OhLove. said...

Oh that hair is rather beauts.
My hair was the brightest red, I'd been dying it for over a year to achieve such brightness, and then, yesterday, I dyed it black.
I'm such a fool.

Rose said...

great picture. and love the kate nash lyric title :)

Julie said...

it's a really pretty hair colour actually yeah... i've had similar when hair dye has gone wrong! was tempted to keep it..
love your blog!