Monday, October 19, 2009

Are roses blue and violets red?

Hey darlins
If you have 2 seconds (literally, you'll only need 2 seconds) check out this website.

I will upload the photos from the weekend soon... I'm not very good with that sort of thing :)
And i'm still looking for some tips about wearing high heels- if you can help me, please read my last post! I have just been told (by my lovely mother) that i am allowed to start, but don't know where or how to learn to wear them or anything. So help- Please!

Love and Live Light!

P.S sorry about the random title- its a great song by Paloma Faith- you should download some songs by her! She is amazing! Try "Stone Cold Sober" and "New York"


Anonymous said...

hey you signed my blog a few days ago, sorry i replied so late :) i love your blog! i will definately follow you :)


See Me Everywhere said...

Cute! I love the balloons, they are adorable! Thanks for stopping by :) You have such a sweet blog!


kirstyb said...

im on my way to check out the site now x

Gabbi said...

Lovely photo! Looking forward to seeing/reading more on the weekend :)

Anonymous said...

isn't this photograph from the lovely thumbelina's blog? it is really quite extraordinary♥