Friday, October 30, 2009

Waves and the Both of Us

How beautiful is this picture? I love the fact that it has 3 gorgeous girls in near-to-nothing dresses, and then mountains in the background with snow! breathtaking, isn't it?
Sorry for my absence of late- been very busy with exams. All over soon though- we finish on the 2nd of december, which is pretty impressive seeing as at my old school we finished on the 21st...
i will try to post more often. sorry :(

love and live light!


Miss Erinna said...

good luck on your exams, dear! You have a lovely blog, keep posting.
Miss Erinna

rebecca said...

good luck i also have exams and its a lot of hard work but we'll get there!
its so funny you were also gonna use that header also! but your is gorgeous as well! i think i might change it coz ive had the same one for ages but i just have to find a really good picture x

Susanna-Cole said...

Love the background of that photo, beautiful! And good luck on your exams! Also, December 2nd is really early to get out, lucky you, most schools here don't get out til sometime like the 21st, or 22nd or something.


Betony said...

ah yes but i win, i'm out on nov. 25th! i love that photograph, especially the styling, do you know anything about it?/where you found it?